Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 20

The best day of my life! I could be happier!

“I could care less,” when you mean that you care not at all and, thus, couldn’t actually care less, has been a wrinkle in my sock since I was a child. Here’s one of the best tutorials on how to stop saying this wrong, by a wonderful English comedian, Dave Mitchell. And as a bonus, …

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Feb 13

What’s the story?

Storytelling is a basic human need and pleasure, and it’s available now in so many forms, from movies and video games to the more timeless venue of a person alone in a spotlight sharing a tale with an audience. I am delighted to announce that a story about my late mother that I penned and submitted …

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Feb 05

The power of proofreading

Using good (or at least audience-appropriate) grammar is a way of showing a baseline level of respect for the person or people you’re addressing. This is especially important in formal communications where you don’t know your audience personally, such as most business correspondence, including email, and early-stage online dating overtures. You wouldn’t post, in a …

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