About Me

Samantha Bennett

is a lifelong word nerd, a writer, humorist, and recidivist copy editor, living and working in Pittsburgh.

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For about 20 years, I wrote an award-winning humor column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A selection:


Our takeaway: Words like takeaway should be taken away
Plan for new me is a lemon
Cardiff, Wales restaurant has its pros and cons
Things have been ruff since beagle found his voice
Who knew? Baking Brits are anything but boring
St. Patrick’s Day parade was too ‘wet’ for me
Pittsburgh gets real
Squirrel assassin on the loose
Internet for dummies
Hand-me-downs for the up-and-coming
Not driven by the car-buying process


Turkey trouble? We’ve got the problem licked


A streak of dropping luck

A pleasant winter walk goes a-fowl


The dictionary of tahn tawk


Her spelling crisis might seem a tad geeky

A tip of the hat to roller derby athletes


Disaster’s just a distraction in the Land of Fluff


Go back to your couches, already


Look for them in your retailer’s bier aisle


Some pieces for DAME Magazine:


How to avoid being eaten by cats: Part 1

How to avoid being eaten by cats: Part 2

The reason why girls test better in schools

Mother uses daughter as surrogate

This just in: Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist

Flyers resent squeezing into tiny seats

Why sorry is the hardest word to say

Proposed Ford ad binds and gags women

You can tell what your dog is thinking

Auction house announces Titanic violin find

Why men date cougars

The dark side of being a cougar


The ex games: Broken up but living together

Australian prime minister redefines misogyny

Angela Merkel is once again Forbes’ most powerful woman in the world

Girlfriend a la carte