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Mar 27

WordPlay: Storytelling at Bricolage in downtown Pittsburgh

Stories are how we make sense of our own lives and of the world. Come hear my story, about my late mother, at @WordPlay on March 31 and April 1. If you’re a fan of Midnight Radio, you already know Bricolage; the WordPlay series lets you witness live storytelling set to a DJ soundtrack, on Bricolage”s downtown Pittsburgh …

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Mar 04

Happy National Grammar Day!

On this National Grammar Day, try to throw into your conversation one excruciatingly correct usage that nobody ever uses, just to mess with people. Announce your presence by saying, “It is I!” Ask “to whom” you should send some paperwork. And smile! It’s like eating a burger off the good china just to remind yourself …

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Feb 13

What’s the story?

Storytelling is a basic human need and pleasure, and it’s available now in so many forms, from movies and video games to the more timeless venue of a person alone in a spotlight sharing a tale with an audience. I am delighted to announce that a story about my late mother that I penned and submitted …

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Jun 14

The wrap-up on THREAD

Emily Bazelon at Mory's

So much was packed into the four days of THREAD at Yale, I feel like I’m still processing it even though it started a week ago tonight. I came home with a head full of ideas and pages and pages of notes—notes I’m actually going to refer back to, unlike most of the notes I’ve …

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May 17

I’m going back to Yale for THREAD!

THREAD at Yale is a gathering of writers to explore narrative journalism (a k a storytelling) in all its various, evolving modern forms and media–and I’ve been accepted to attend! I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the inaugural group, and I hope there will be many more over the coming years, because …

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