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Mar 27

WordPlay: Storytelling at Bricolage in downtown Pittsburgh

Stories are how we make sense of our own lives and of the world. Come hear my story, about my late mother, at @WordPlay on March 31 and April 1. If you’re a fan of Midnight Radio, you already know Bricolage; the WordPlay series lets you witness live storytelling set to a DJ soundtrack, on Bricolage”s downtown Pittsburgh …

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Feb 13

What’s the story?

Storytelling is a basic human need and pleasure, and it’s available now in so many forms, from movies and video games to the more timeless venue of a person alone in a spotlight sharing a tale with an audience. I am delighted to announce that a story about my late mother that I penned and submitted …

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Jun 14

The wrap-up on THREAD

Emily Bazelon at Mory's

So much was packed into the four days of THREAD at Yale, I feel like I’m still processing it even though it started a week ago tonight. I came home with a head full of ideas and pages and pages of notes—notes I’m actually going to refer back to, unlike most of the notes I’ve …

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May 17

I’m going back to Yale for THREAD!

THREAD at Yale is a gathering of writers to explore narrative journalism (a k a storytelling) in all its various, evolving modern forms and media–and I’ve been accepted to attend! I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the inaugural group, and I hope there will be many more over the coming years, because …

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Jan 26

A new place to find everything Sam

Hi, I’m humorist and former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Samantha Bennett, and this is my website. While it’s still got that new-website smell, I may be a bit cautious and irregular about posting to it. I beg your patience. I am an advocate for good grammar, punctuation and usage — as long as none of that gets …

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