Jan 26

A new place to find everything Sam

Hi, I’m humorist and former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Samantha Bennett, and this is my website.

While it’s still got that new-website smell, I may be a bit cautious and irregular about posting to it. I beg your patience. I am an advocate for good grammar, punctuation and usage — as long as none of that gets in the way of clear communication — and I’m still learning how to fly this thing.

The one promise I can make is that there will be worthwhile stuff here, appearing and growing over the coming weeks and months. By, say, the end of the summer, it will be full of content-y goodness. Think of it as a garden, with verbiage instead of foliage, and right now it’s spring. I’ll build some beds, buy a few bags of stuff at the garden center, wear heavy gloves and clogs and a big hat, complain about aphids … I don’t really know what I’m talking about with this metaphor. I have a black thumb. I promise I won’t post anything about gardening. That’s two promises.

I’ll post about writing and grammar and telling stories. I do know about those things.


  1. Logan Taylor

    Hi Sam

    It’s only me, Logan. I found you and got excited but the new smell has worn off and I see nothing newer than June-July 2016? I’ll keep looking I think I miss your special ‘bite’.

    1. Sam

      Hey, Logan! I suffered a detached retina in July and had to suspend working on this site for a long time; then I was working intensely on my book proposal … I have limited time to write, because of my day job. But I’m finally coming back to this now! After a year off from writing to work on my book, I plan to start blogging again in a couple of weeks.

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