May 03

Love your doggo? Here’s a new set of words to use, thanks to social media

The language is changing all the time, and while that’s annoying to purists and traditionalists (me, sometimes), it’s also tremendously entertaining and delightful to fans (me, the rest of the time). New coinages perfectly suited to a moment, situation, or social group may or may not stand the test of time (gag me with a spoon? not lately), but what the hell, they’re fun and clever.

Dog lovers generally have a great appreciation for the hilarious, quirky, filthy, irresistible acts committed by their canine buddies, and the world of internet memes has helped them connect to each other and squee and WHO’S A GOOD BOY at each other in whole new ways. Check out the sort of code they use to accompany the inevitable adorable photos. This is classic affinity group behavior; it’s no fun to be in a club unless you have your own special lexicon to share with each other. Very human, and if we’re lucky, some of the doggy words may make it into wider use, or maybe even into the dictionary!

Eventually. In a decade or so. How much is that in dog years?

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